Cardio equipment

What are cardio machines?

Cardio equipment is used for cardio fitness, where the heart rate is central. With cardio training, the aim is to keep the heart rate constant while the condition is gradually built up. Fat burning and weight loss are other effects of a good workout. To be able to train comfortably, there are various devices that you can use as an athlete. By training with this, the long-term exercises become easier and the endurance increases. There are various devices that can be used for training. When you start exercising, it is important to try out different equipment, this way you will discover which equipment suits you best. This is important to maintain cardio fitness for as long as possible. Good equipment is therefore essential.

What cardio machines are there?

Treadmills are probably the most well-known cardio machines, but there are many more machines with which you can practice cardio fitness. Think of rowing machines, cycletrainers, hometrainers, step machines and crosstrainers. You can also practice cardio on devices that simulate climbing stairs, the so-called stairclimbers. So there are various devices and it is important to find out which device best suits your personal preferences. The power of cardio is the long-term persistence of the training.

On the treadmills you can walk and jog, you can also simulate a walking movement on the cross trainers and step machine after. Depending on the construction of the elliptical cross trainer, you often also train the arms. Exercise bikes, cycle trainers and spinners are intended for cycling and with rowing machines you imitate the rowing movement on the water.

Cardio machines from the gym for the home

Are you looking for professional cardio equipment for the home? Then you have come to the right place at Gymwarehouse. With us you can purchase or rent high-quality devices for a reasonable price. Our ambition is to make the sports industry more sustainable and we do this by giving professional sports equipment a second chance. So you buy or rent second-hand equipment of the highest quality from us. This gives you the unique opportunity to bring professional equipment into your home and turn your home into a professional gym.

Which cardio machine is the best?

Many people ask us which cardio equipment is the best. This depends on your training goals and personal preferences. With all equipment you train your endurance and you lose weight, but which muscles are trained depends on the device. With a treadmill, exercise bike or bicycle trainer, for example, you mainly load your legs and with a rowing machine or cross trainer almost all the muscles in your body. So ask yourself which muscle groups you want to tax. Depending on your training goals, you can easily determine which device is best for you with our experts.

Which cardio machine is best for burning fat?

Do you want to get a cardio device to lose weight and do you want to know which device is the best to buy? It may sound obvious, but if you want to lose weight, really choose a device on which you enjoy exercising. Cardio is all about sustained training and endurance. On a rowing machine you use your whole body, on a stair climber

you quickly burn a lot of calories because this is relatively heavy. You may burn calories faster on a rowing machine than on a treadmill, but if you don’t last long in rowing and you can walk, a treadmill is a better choice for you. So be honest with yourself and discuss your preference with our professionals to make a well-informed choice which device will best help you lose weight.

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