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Cycling trainers

Cycletrainers are for everyone who loves cycling, but does not always want to go outside. With a bicycle trainer you can easily train at home and therefore you do not have to take the weather conditions into account, ideal! Cycling is a pleasant way to build up your condition and especially puts a strain on the legs. Because you can sustain sports on a bicycle trainer for a long time, you can lose weight in a pleasant way. But the bicycle trainer is not only popular for this reason, many people also find it a pleasant sport exercise to clear the head after a busy working day. If you are looking for a bicycle trainer, then you have come to the right place at Gym Warehouse. We sell professional quality used cardio equipment for an attractive price. Quickly check whether there is a device that meets your budget and wishes.

Compare bicycle trainers

Anyone looking for a bicycle trainer will soon find out that there is a lot on offer. How do you make the best choice? At Gym Warehouse we make it easy. In the first place, you will only find high-quality devices that are made for the professional circuit. This way you know that you can only buy bicycle trainers of the highest level from us. Because our equipment is second-hand, the trainers also have an attractive price. To easily make a choice, you can sort by popularity, price and the latest products. This way you will quickly find out which trainer best suits your needs and budget. Do you have any questions or do you want more information about a device? Please contact our experts, they can tell you more about the qualities of each device. This way you quickly know whether the bicycle trainer meets all your needs and will ensure that you train often and with pleasure.

Cycling trainers for home

Bicycle trainers come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to take this into account when you start the search for a bicycle trainer. Take a good look at how much space you have at home or in your (private) gym. It is a shame if you purchase an expensive device and then hardly use it, because you do not have a pleasant space for it or too little freedom of movement. So take a good look at what size you can store and what fits within your budget. Also determine how much you want from the bike trainer when it comes to technical properties. For example, do you want to be able to connect it with an app or is a odometer sufficient? By listing what you want from the trainer, the search becomes a lot easier.

Different types

There are different bike trainers, from very simple to advanced with all kinds of measuring equipment. Because we sell professional trainers, you can contact us if you are looking for advanced cycle trainers, but we also always have a number of simpler devices in stock that you can train on. Depending on your wishes and requirements, we always have a trainer for you. Is the budget a problem? Then inquire about the possibilities, because if desired, you can also rent equipment from us. In this way we ensure that almost everyone can succeed with us.

Buy used

A professional cycle trainer is quite an investment. To make it easier to purchase, we only sell second-hand equipment. This also contributes to a sustainable sports industry, because isn’t it a shame not to reuse equipment if it can last for years? Due to our extensive checks and quality control, we guarantee that our devices can last for years to come, if they are used properly. View our extensive collection and take a look at our bicycle trainers.

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