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Indoor Rowing machines

Indoor Rowing machines are popular devices among cardio athletes. Not surprising when you know that by exercising on a indoor rowing machine you use almost all your muscles. With every rowing movement you make, you not only use your arms and leg muscles, but also the glutes, back muscles and abs. Because rowing is an intensive sport, you also lose weight quickly. For many athletes this sounds like music to the ears and that is why rowing is so popular. By choosing a indoor rowing machine you no longer have to go outside to practice this sport and you can row well, whatever the weather conditions. Are you looking for a good rowing machine? Then view the Gym Warehouse range.

The best indoor rowing machines

If you are a fanatic rower, you naturally want the best rowing machine. What should you pay attention to before purchasing? Resistance is the most important aspect of a rowing machine. There are different systems for creating resistance: magnetic, air and water. The advantage of magnetically created resistance is that the rowing machine is very quiet. If you choose resistance through air, this will produce a lot more noise, but most people find this resistance feels more natural. When you choose resistance through water, this is the most natural resistance, but many people forgo this because these are the most expensive indoor rowing machines.

In addition to the resistance, you have to make a choice whether you want a indoor rowing machine with a belt or chain. A belt wears faster, but needs no maintenance. A chain does require maintenance, but lasts longer.

Professional indoor rowing machines for the home

Are you looking for a professional indoor rowing machine for your home? Before you make a purchase, consider where you will place the device. On the basis of this you know whether you want a collapsible rowing machine or not. Do you want to move the indoor rowing machine regularly? Also pay close attention to the weight. The devices come in all shapes and sizes, there is always one that suits your personal wishes, living space and posture. Let our professionals inform you well about the different options and possibilities.

Used indoor rowing machines

A indoor rowing machine is a significant investment when you choose quality. For this reason, many people opt for a second-hand device. At Gym Warehouse you can do this without any problems, we only select quality equipment and check them so you can be sure that you are buying a second-hand indoor rowing machine in perfect condition. In addition, choosing a second-hand device is also better for the environment, because it is a shame to produce new devices if there are enough old ones in good condition, right? Help make the sports industry more sustainable and choose a top-quality second-hand indoor rowing machine at Gym Warehouse.

Strengthen muscles and lose weight

A indoor rowing machine is a cardio machine and cardio fitness is known as a way to lose weight or build up your fitness. By training on a indoor rowing machine you ensure that you train all your muscles and burn calories. Because you can set the resistance of a rowing machine yourself, you can make a workout as heavy or light as you want. By making it a heavy workout, you put more strain on your muscles and train them intensively. However, a light training also has its advantages, because if you continue the training longer, you will quickly burn more calories. A indoor rowing machine is therefore the ideal device for anyone who wants to work on his condition and train all muscle groups. Take a quick look at which indoor rowing machines we have in our range or let our professionals advise you. They are happy to help you in your search for the best indoor rowing machines.

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