Free Weights

Free weights

Free weights are used in all kinds of different forms of strength and resistance training. Strength training is about making your muscles stronger by putting a load on them using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, fitness equipment or with your own body weight. With free weights you can improve your muscle strength in an effective way. You can perform all kinds of exercises with it, whereby you train every muscle group in your body.

By using free weights you also train the stability of your body, because your body is continuously working on balancing and stabilizing the weight. This is not the case with most fitness equipment. In addition, training with free weights ensures that you continue to follow the natural movements of the body, so that you train multiple areas in the body. You can therefore perform more complex and full body exercises that are heavier and therefore burn more calories. Due to the instability, it can be heavier and more difficult for a beginner to train with free weights. It is therefore important that you have enough strength before you start working with heavy weights. When you get started with free weights, it is good to determine what kind of weights you need.

What free weights are there?

You can use different types of free weights. An example are the barbells, also called barbell bars, these are metal bars on which you can attach weights to either side. The weights that you can attach to the barbells are called barbell plates or bumper plates. Weight plates are available in different sizes and made of different materials. In addition to the barbells with corresponding weight plates, you can also opt for dumbbells. Dumbbells are indispensable for every athlete, they have a fixed weight between 0.5 and 60 kg and can be used for many different exercises. You can also use kettlebells. Kettlebells are spherical weights with a handle and these also come in several weights and of different materials.

Professional free weights for the home

We would like to give our short-used weights a second life. This way you can purchase professionally used weights for a reasonable price and we also help the planet a little. If you are looking for new weights, you can also order them from us, for example the dumbbell sets from Lifemaxx .

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