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You can use barbells for a wide variety of exercises. The barbells (also called barbell bars) are indispensable for every strength athlete. For example, barbell bars are used for the most well-known exercises such as: bench press, squats, rows and presses. By training with these bars you not only work on your strength, but also on the stability of your body. When training with free weights, your body is constantly working on staying in balance.

In addition, barbell bars are essential for every athlete, because you can easily adjust the weight, the bar is easy to store and can be combined with many fitness equipment. When setting up a gym, home gym or other fitness room, it is important to choose a high-quality barbell.

At Gym Warehouse you are in the right place for short used barbells, but also for brand new bars. A gym cannot exist without good barbells, and then the question may remain which barbell you need.

Which Barbell should I buy?

It is important to buy the right barbell for the workout you have in mind. The rods are available in different thicknesses. The most famous bar is the Olympic barbell with a 50 mm bore. Furthermore, barbells with a bore of 25 and 30 mm are also common.

If you’re into serious strength training, a 50mm barbell is the only way to go. These are high quality rods that can withstand heavy loads. Barbell bars of 30 mm can be loaded much less heavily. It is also good to remember that with the 50 mm barbell bars you always weight plates must use with the same size.

Most dumbbells are made of chrome, this is a strong element that ensures that the bar does not bend with a lot of weight. These rods have a long service life and can be used intensively. As mentioned above, weight plates are pushed onto the barbells to add weight. It is also wise to secure the weights with dumbbell clamps. This way you ensure that the weight does not shift and you can train safely. These dumbbell clamps are also called spring or lock collars.

Do you have questions or do you want advice on which barbell to buy? Then contact our professionals, they have years of experience in the industry and can certainly help you.

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