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Buy dumbbells?

To become stronger and fitter, dumbbells are indispensable for every athlete. Dumbells can be used for many different exercises and are therefore an ideal tool when you start strength training. Gym Warehouse offers a wide range of recently used and new weights that belong in every gym. Our professionals have years of experience in the fitness industry and are happy to help you make the right choice when purchasing dumbells or other weights.

What is a dumbbell?

Dumbbells are used in many different forms of strength training, but what does a dumbbell consist of? A dumbbell consists of a short bar (barbell) to which free weights are attached. Most dumbells have a fixed weight, so you don’t have to adjust the weight every time. They come in different sizes, weights and materials to make your training as easy as possible. It is best to set up the weights in a dumbbell rack to keep your gym tidy.

What do you use dumbbells for?

You use dumbbells to get stronger, you do this by doing several repetitions with relatively heavy weights. You can also use the weights to improve the endurance of your muscles, you do this by doing a lot of repetitions with lighter weights. Do you want to increase the intensity of your training? Then purchase a dumbell set with free weights. This way you can increase the weight yourself and develop more muscle strength with your own training schedule.

Another advantage of a dumbell as opposed to a machine is that the stability of your body improves due to the free movements you can make. You can use dumbbells to achieve all your fitness goals.

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