Gym equipment buy back service UK

Fitness equipment buy back service UK

Gym Warehouse is constantly looking for good quality fitness equipment in the UK. Would you like to sell your professional fitness products, or do you want to change your gym equipment and partly trade in? If so, we would be happy to provide a quote for the purchase of your gym equipment.

Complete service

We make every effort to ensure the best possible equipment for our customers. That’s why we strive to work closely with potential suppliers like you from across the UK by offering a complete buy back service for commercial gym equipment.

Quick response

If you are interested in selling your gym equipment you can send us whatsapp message at +31 65051 60460, an email at or by filling out the contact form below.
In order to give you a concrete proposal, we would like to see a few things mentioned:

  • Pictures of the devices
  • How many devices are involved?
  • What is the brand of the devices?
  • What is the type of device?
  • Age/year of installation
  • Information about the location; address, floor, width of narrowest passageway.

We always offer the highest price and keep the equipment close to home!
Send us your competitive quote and see our counter offer.

Give something back to society

In some cases gym owners or chains are just looking for a hassle free removal of the used equipment. We’re the perfect partner for you! We can empty your gym ready for your new equipment and donate the earnings after sale to charity.


In conjunction with the IT4Kids foundation, we started the Fit4Kids initiative. Fit4Kids collects used and discarded fitness equipment and, on behalf of the donor, donates its value to charity projects to give children who are unable to do so due to financial or physical limitations a unique opportunity to enjoy exercise.


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