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Exercising becomes more fun and easier with the right equipment. At Gym Warehouse you will find the best sports equipment at a competitive price. We sell equipment from the highest segment, but because we focus on a sustainable sports industry and give equipment a second chance, we can offer our equipment at a lower price. In this way we ensure that quality products are accessible to everyone and that high-level sports become easier.

With us you will find various equipment for different sports practices. For example, we sell fitness equipment and cardio equipment, but we also sell even more. For example, we also have various sports accessories.

What devices are there?

When you are looking for devices to exercise with, you can quickly lose sight of the forest for the trees. There are many different devices on the market. It is important to make a choice: what kind of sport do you want to practice and which equipment best suits your preferences? Our staff can help you with this. Do you already know whether you prefer cardio or strength training, for example? Then you have already made the first choice. Also always consider where you want to exercise. Will the device be placed in a large room or somewhere in a small room? It is good to take this into account, because freedom of movement is important during exercise.

The next step is to determine what you want to train. Do you want to focus on your legs, stomach or arms? Or would you prefer to train everything? Depending on your goals, one device suits you better than the other. We also have various accessories that make exercising easier and more fun. View our selection online or contact our staff.

Devices from the gym in the house

Would you rather not go to the gym (anymore), but would you like to exercise on such devices? That is not a problem at all. With us you will find sports equipment from the gym for home. This allows you to turn your shed or attic into a home gym in no time. It’s that easy, because you no longer have to leave the house to exercise. And that makes sports a lot more accessible.

Cheap devices

How is it possible that we offer such high-quality devices for a relatively low price? This is possible because we buy equipment from gyms and check it thoroughly. This allows us to offer sports equipment from the highest segment for a cheaper price and guarantee that it will last for a long time. In this way we are committed to a sustainable sports industry. We want equipment to be reused, rather than thrown away. We notice that there is a lot of interest in second-hand sports equipment, but that consumers also crave quality. Quality that usually cannot be guaranteed when you buy second-hand items from a private individual. We can guarantee quality because we understand the items we sell and all appliances are thoroughly inspected before we sell them.

Rent devices

You can see the purchase price of the devices on our website. Is this too high for you and would you still like to exercise at a higher level? Please contact us and we will see what is possible. You can also rent equipment from us. In this way we want to offer more people the opportunity to get professional sports equipment at home. Contact us without obligation and our staff will be happy to advise you about the payment options. Who knows, you may soon have equipment from us at home to enjoy sports!

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