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Multi stations

If you get one of our multi-stations at home, you immediately have a complete home gym. On a multi-station you can train multiple muscle groups and do different fitness exercises. Ideal for anyone who wants to give their body a complete workout and train their entire body. This makes such devices very popular, especially now that sports at home have taken off. Are you looking for a multi-station? Then look no further, because Gym Warehouse has professional equipment for a competitive price. This means that from now on you can exercise at a high level at home and a visit to the gym is no longer necessary. Check out our different multi-stations and find the device that suits you best. Each type has different possibilities and trains different muscle groups. Shop now.

Professional multi-stations

Most people visit the gym not only because it encourages high-level sports, but also to be able to use the professional equipment. How nice would it be to have such equipment at home? Gym Warehouse makes this possible. We sell the same equipment as you find in the gym, but for a reasonable price. We can do this because our multi-stations are second-hand and this makes this equipment also accessible to the consumer. Because we check everything on arrival, we know for sure that the equipment is in top condition and you can use it for years to come. By getting such professional sports equipment at home, you no longer have to go to the gym and you can easily get started at home.

Multi-station for fitness

There are different types of multi-stations, but they have one thing in common: you can do multiple types of strength training on them, an essential part of fitness. If you want to train different muscle groups, then you have come to the right place with this device. Choose the muscle group that you want to develop further and based on this, choose which multi-station suits you best. Some multi-stations allow you to develop almost all of your muscle groups. Ideal for athletes who want to train the whole body. But there are also devices that focus purely on the arms or legs. Choose the device that suits your sports goals and create a fit and vital body.

Multi stations for the home

Are you planning to buy a multi-station and place this unit at home? Then take into account the dimensions of the device and whether it fits in the space where you want to place it. Many people don’t pay attention to this and think it will fit. In addition, often no space is kept with the room to move around it. This is also important to be able to exercise comfortably. Do you plan to share the device with roommates? Then always choose a device that is easily adjustable in height, so that everyone can use the device without stretching themselves, for example. The same applies to the resistors, make sure that they are also easily adjustable and interchangeable if you are going to share the devices. Everyone has their own training schedule, which is why it is useful if the device can easily be adjusted to another’s training schedule.

Used multi-stations

You can find a second-hand multi-station in perfect condition at Gym Warehouse. We are specialized in sports equipment from the higher segment and after extensive inspection and checks we bring the sports equipment back onto the market. In this way we ensure a sustainable sports industry and we give everyone the opportunity to train with quality equipment. Do you think the price is too high to put down in one go? Please contact us, you can also rent most equipment. We are happy to discuss the options with you. View all our multi-stations now and be surprised by our versatile range.

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