Technogym Skillmill Console – Black

Elliptical treadmill for high-intensity interval workouts

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Technogym Skillmill Console

Increase your speed, metabolism and activate your glutes and hamstrings by alternating between resistance free running and drag pushing with resistance. The Technogym Skillmill Console is much more than an ordinary treadmill. This treadmill improves strength, speed, fitness and agility all at once. And with variable resistance, get more results from your workout.

The HIIT treadmill

More speed than ever. Increased metabolism. Maximum activation of glutes and hamstrings. All thanks to Multidrive Technology™ with magnetic resistance in 11 levels, combined with dual handles.

On the Technogym Skillmill Console, you perform the fundamental movements and exercises that define your physical fitness and athletic performance skills: Strength, Speed, Endurance and Agility.

Designed for varied workouts

Non-motorized belt

Skillmill goes as fast as you do. Speed up by moving forward, slow down by moving backward.

Dual handles

The different positions of the handles allow high and low pushing movements, always with the correct posture. As a result, you maximize muscle activation and training variety.

Performance Monitoring

The intuitive on-board console (available on Technogym Skillmill Connect and Console versions) gives you all the essential workout data.

Optional accessory kit

The straps, handles and hip belt allow for a wider variety of pushing and pulling exercises.

Integrated phone holder

Place your phone steady in front of you to watch the workout videos while you exercise.

Always all data at hand

The built-in console displays all the data you need to track your performance (at a glance), regardless of your body position. View wattage, resistance level, speed, distance and track your heart rate via bluetooth devices on the Technogym Skillmill Console.

Technogym equipment at Gym Warehouse

The Technogym Skillmill Console is part of Technogym’s Skill line. This diverse line of cardio offers workouts for different muscle groups. In addition to the Skillmill, check out the Skillbike . Discover all cardio equipment at Gym Warehouse and order easily online for a competitive price.

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  • Length: 191 cm
  • Width: 89 cm
  • Height: 154 cm
  • Weight: 180 kg
  • Condition: Used

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